and let us worry about the day-to-day!


Hi! We are Salome and Lourens Fourie - your Certified Online Business Manager and your Certified Project Management Professional. We take care of all the stuff in your business that has been holding you back.

You are successful in your business and ready for more....

If you are like most business owners/entrepreneurs, then you have hit a ceiling in your business. You have come so far in your business, but you are still the one doing all the things.

You are spending too much time doing:

  • Daily tasks that don't generate revenue

  • Team management

  • Mundane and repetitive tasks

  • Doing any or all marketing related tasks yourself

  • Trying to manage all your projects and launches yourself

You are most likely feeling very overwhelmed at this point... and guess what, you are not alone. Most entrepreneurs feel this way at some point in their business. But that is why we are here. We take care of everything behind the scenes, enabling you to utilize your time and energy on your genius zone... and on things that make you fall in love with your business all over again. We understand the struggles you have and here at The Fourie Agency, we transform your chaos into order - providing you with the tools your business needed to really stand out and make an impact.

Get Our 9 Steps For Growing And Scaling Your Business!

9 easy steps on what an OBM can do to help you grow and scale your business!


Hi! We are Salome & Lourens Fourie

We are the secret weapon for 6+ figure entrepreneurs like you!

We give you back that much needed time and room to breathe, so you can focus in what matters... growing your business.

Depending on where you are at in your business and what your business needs are, we offer a range of online business manager and project manager services to fit your budget and your goals.

Picture your perfect average work day... what would that look like for you? Not doing all the things yourself... letting go of tasks that you know isn't growing the business... having a right hand person plan and strategize your projects and your launches with you....

Sound good? It all starts with a chat to find out what we will achieve together!

Wondering what our clients are saying?

Find out from my happy clients

"You are exactly what I needed for my business..."

Working with Salome has been hands down THE best decision I've made in my business. Before working with her, I was stressed out managing multiple team members and clients, dreading my email inbox and never having the time I needed to work on growing and scaling my business. After just a few weeks, everything shifted. My stress level drastically decreased, I felt like a CEO again and I could actually take weekends off! I had personal time, mental white space and really started to enjoy my business again. Salome's communication is excellent, she's great with the team, finds gaps in processes and systems and fills them herself - I couldn't ask for anything different! If you're thinking about working with Salome, just go for it. You won't regret it!

-Avery Thatcher, The Online Marketing Survival Guide


Get a custom plan of action on how to streamline your business and get more time back for the things that matter.


Grow your business by getting more time to do what you love.... every single week.


Let us help you with strategy and launching your new project, you shouldn't have to do all the things yourself.



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