Who we are...

hello! I am salome...

I have many titles and wear many hats... I am a mom, a wife, a Certified OBM and a business owner! I love what I do and love that it is not exactly conventional. I have never been one to follow the main stream, even when I went off to college I decided to travel the world instead of sit in a class room.... still finished college though, just took me a little longer and a lot of self discipline to finish online. I am very determined when I know what I want...

"PASSION IS ENERGY. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." - Oprah Winfrey

I entered the marketing world right after I graduated and have never looked back! I fell in love with the ever changing world of digital media, strategy and advertising. The platforms and CRMs, the analytics behind it all and what you can learn from the data... it all fascinated me. But when I became a mom, I was looking for a way to do what I love, while having more flexibility in my own schedule. I stepped away from the corporate world to build The Fourie Agency. I have learned so much about the digital world and what is capable... I have merged my love for marketing, analytics/data, and systems to become a Certified OBM to bring my years of experience to better serve my clients!

Howzit! I am Lourens...

I wear many hats as well.... I am an IT Project Manager, a father and a husband. But would you believe that I actually studied Mechanical Engineering? YEP! I graduated from The University of Pretoria with a degree in Mechanical Engineering but found my passion in processes and systems instead! I fell in love with all things project management.

"I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary." - Elon Musk

I partnered with my wife to create The Fourie Agency, as a way to do what I love and to bring my years of experience in project management and IT to all the clients we serve. I thrive working in unique and diverse situations and The Fourie Agency allows me to do that every day with the different clients we serve. I have a vested interest in finding solutions for continuous business and process improvements as well as being a part of designing new products and software within a dynamic, collaborative setting. This is my passion and I get to live it every day!


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"From the beginning of my time working with Salome I was impressed with her commitment to learn. She is not afraid to put herself out there and often was the first person on a broad team working to hone her skills. She has a practical approach, she is dependable, committed, communicative and impeccable at following through. I challenged her bandwidth and ability to juggle additional responsibilities, each time she prevailed. In addition to these attributes, an organization can count on a positive approach, a can-do attitude, a winner and personality that will lift those around her when considering Salome."

-Scott Carr, McClatchy




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